“Owing to our in house designing and workmanship skills combined with a very deeply penetrated network amongst the Indian craftsmen of different communities, scales, geographical regions and backgrounds we’re able to put together a wide variety of handcrafted goods for our buyers.

We offer hard goods and decorative items made in materials like :
Wood, glass, marble, ceramic, resin, fabric, and embroidery beads.

We also proudly make and sell home and holiday decor made in Eco friendly materials like paper mache, terracotta, soy wax, bamboo, rattan, jute, palm fibre and alike.

Here is a glimpse of what we offer and if you would like to see more variety in any particular category or material, do let us know here or become a member and download catalogues as per your requirements.”


Bowls and cutlery

Candle Holders

Chopping Boards

Christmas Decor

Dessert Stands

Easter Decor